Every day, tens of thousands of acoustical engineers around the world use Look Line acoustic sources to make their measurements.

Research has always been our passion.
For 30′ years we have been working in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment.
The main skills we have developed in the world of ‘audio amplification and in the construction of loudspeakers e speakers
For more than 20 years we have specialized on acoustic sources.

Some of our achievements

  • We have built and patented the electromagnetic hammer lifting tapping machine (with greater precision than any mechanical machine).
  • We have built noise sources for “PASS BY” for measuring the noise emitted by a vehicle under acceleration and hard braking. (ISO 362-1)
  • We built a system for measuring aircraft cabin sound insulation.
  • We built the first acoustic system for the cancellation of (out of phase) noise produced by a shotgun with a pressure of over 170 dB (at 1 metre) and perfectly linear phase, not formed by a loudspeaker array but by a single emission point. System with record sensitivity of over 125 dB /1 W/1 m driven by 30,000 Watt amplifiers weighing only a few kilos and very small in size.
  • We were the first in the world to realise loudspeakers with fibreglass and carbon fibre membranes, achieving frequency extensions with them that were previously unattainable with a single loudspeaker.
  • We developed a system for Terna to reduce the noise emitted by power station power factor correction units.
  • We registered patents to improve acoustics in cars.
  • We often collaborate with leading universities on research and construction of acoustic systems.
  • We build masking systems in offices to increase privacy.
  • We build sound sources and systems for anechoic and reverberation rooms.

 How the brand was born.

More than twenty years ago, we presented very high-powered HI FI amplifiers at a trade fair in the USA (CES in Chicago), and in order to display them better, we mounted transparent Plexiglas covers.

Some journalists from trade magazines visited the fair and probably attracted by the unusual transparent line of our products, published the photos in their newspapers.

Perhaps because of the transparent lid or perhaps by mistake, the words ‘LOOK LINE’ appeared above a beautiful photo of our products.

Following this, we had many contacts, all of whom thought that the name LOOK LINE was our brand name, so we kept it.

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